Amazon Kindle knock off is $89 less

Amazon Kindle knock off is $89 less


The Amazon Kindle is the current reigning champion over the kingdom of e-book readers, but some people may be discouraged by the higher retail price. If you don’t care about branding, you may be better off looking at this unit from Boeye, since it is a shot-for-shot duplication of the Kindle DX.

Maybe you can call it a knockoff, a clone, or maybe just the Kindle’s lesser known generic cousin, but whatever you want to call it, the Boeye E900 is priced at $89 less than the real Kindle DX. Even so, it comes with the exact same features, layout, and feel of the original.

Going through the specs, you find such familiar items as a 9.7-inch e-ink display, integrated Wi-Fi connectivity, text-to-speech, and a hardware keyboard on the bottom.

You can find the Boeye E900 on sale at Alibaba for $400 each thanks to PMP Today. If you decide to buy this Amazon Kindle DX clone in bulk, they’ll even offer you a discount on top of that. No word on whether you can connect to Whispernet and the Amazon store in the same way as the Kindle though.