Ultimate Ears six-speaker custom monitors fit in your ear, made for rock...

Ultimate Ears six-speaker custom monitors fit in your ear, made for rock stars


Ever had one of those jumbo water-pumped strawberries that really have no flavor at all and were just designed to weigh in large on the scale and look good on the shelf? Then had those little small fraggly looking ones at your local farmers market that exploded with taste, smelled like it was from the earth and actually made you smile?

Well, that’s how you could compare the Ultimate Ears 18 Pro Custom Monitors by Logitech to your every-day headphones. At $1350 a pop these little buds have six-speakers inside and are not even considered headphones, they call them monitors because they are so acoustically tight and reduce ambient noise by 26 dBs.

The target market is performing artists and audiofiles alike, the sound is so tailored and precise that four-way crossovers and electrical tuning with triple-sound channels and a low-distortion cable will make your ears humm.

“The new Ultimate Ears UE 18 Pro custom monitors are simply the best I’ve used on stage – a new benchmark has been set,” said Jon Lewis, professional sound engineer for AC/DC. “The low end and levels that can be achieved are outstanding. It’s like wearing a pair of reference studio headphones on stage.”

“These Ultimate Ears 18 Pros are unbelievable – very crisp, detailed and more pronounced,” exclaimed a very excited Natalie Cole. “I have more control over what I hear and therefore more control of my vocals through my microphone.”

The Ultimate Ears 18 Pros have to be custom fit by an audiologist and are packaged in a rugged, personalized aluminum roadie box for your travels.