Tata’s Nano arrives in the US, not for sale, just display

Tata’s Nano arrives in the US, not for sale, just display


The first Tata Nano car arrived at the Tata Technologies headquarters in Detroit this week. Don’t list your wheels just yet; this is an Indian model from Tata Technologies just to have on display at the Detroit Science Center over the next year.

The Nano performed with the power and agility that is sometimes missing in compact cars.  The instrument panel is very basic with a basic speedometer, simple heating and cooling controls. The dashboard is just molded plastic and the seat covers are just standard.  I’m sure this wasn’t the upgraded model.

The space inside the Nano was surprising.  The front is a comfortable fit for anyone in the 6 foot range, although this does leaves the back seat a little tight. This entry-level car runs at 50 miles a gallon when city driving and up to 70 on the highway.

Tata is considering selling the Nano in the U.S. market in 3 to 4 years.   Many of us can’t wait. But with having to meet U.S. safety standards, emissions testing, and definitely some sprucing up of the interior to meet the desires of America, a $2500 price tag: the going rate in it’s homeland, is about as reachable as a cloud in the sky.