Orange exec outs Apple Tablet, Gizmodo confirms?

Orange exec outs Apple Tablet, Gizmodo confirms?


A few days back during a French radio station called Europe1, Orange France VP Stéphane Richard was questioned about the rumors that Apple is announcing a webcam-enabled Tablet within the next few days. Richard answered Oui! Meaning, Yes! in english. He then commented that Orange customers would be benefiting from it.

Gawker Media most recently posted a bounty on anyone who can provide information relating to the tablet. If you can get them an Apple Tablet to play with for an afternoon, you can expect a cool $100,000 coming your way. Whoever would do it, well, their legal bill could probably be 10x that after Steve has a go at them. Apple’s attorney sent Gawker a cease and desist letter, in all actuality confirming there is something to hide.

Although you would expect an exec like Stéphane Richard to be more media-savvy and not slip up on trade secret protected information, it could all be a ploy to “build up the hype” before we get let down by a rushed multi-incapable over-priced slimmed down Apple-device.  January 27th is the rumored launch date.  We will have to see what happens then.

What are your thoughts on Apple’s tablet? What would you like to see it have?