Ultrasone AG 2015

Ultrasone AG 2015


Ultrasone, just like any other German headphone manufacturer, like AKG, Sennheiser and Beyerdynamic have surely proved that the headphones designed by them are superior in design and performance. Ultrasone’s Signature Pro headphone can cost you anywhere around $1,299. This is undoubtedly a hefty price for a headphone but it’s also company’s best and top of the line model.

The Signature Pro surely has a fantastic design. Its earcups are trimmed and embedded in black glass which nicely contrasts the matte black parts of plastic, the leather ear cushions along with the headband. If durability of the glass is your concern, then Ultrasone can assure you that it can withstand a 10 feet drop with lot of ease. Build-wise, therefore, the Signature Pro surely speak for their price.

In terms of performance, the Ultrasone Signature Pro is an extremely precise and accurate piece of hardware. It produces remarkable sound clarity when compared to its competitors. One can surely get addicted to the transparency present in the sounds produced by this headphone as most other high-end headphones sound too veiled and cloudy as compared to this one.

With a closed-back design, the Ultrasone Signature Pro tend to provide much more isolation from those environmental noises which one can sometimes hear in open-back headphones. The headphones also have a feature to limit sound ‘leakage’ so that you can watch videos/movies in bed without annoying the one lying next to you.

Yes, they are expensive. But, perfection always has a price for it and the Signature Pro by Ultrasone are perfect in every sense. Whether it’s about build quality, design or performance; the Signature Pro stand apart in every aspect.