Sennheiser 2015

Sennheiser 2015


Sennheiser launched various wireless headphones as a part of their 2015 line which were mostly based on their earlier wired headphone models. The Urbanite XL Wireless is one such example of that can trace back its origin to last year’s wired Urbanite XL. Currently, it only comes in black color, however, more options might arrive in the future.

Sennheiser’s basically designed the Urbanite series so that they can have a little more flare and appeal. This model, therefore, looks very much similar to those wired Urbanite XL, but this model allows you to go wired or wireless with touch controls on its right ear cup.

Battery life of these headphones is strong as it is rated at 25 hours of music playback. Headphones arrive with a 2-year warranty which is simply an year extra which you otherwise get with most headphones.
In terms of performance, the Sennheiser Urbanite XL Wireless is definitely amongst the cream of best wireless headphones. Some people might say that they are sound even better as compared to their pricey sibling – the Momentum Wireless.

However, throw at it a song that’s recorded poorly and you’ll know the difference between the Momentum Wireless, the Beats Studio Wireless and this one right here. While Momentum and Studio did a relatively great job in masking the flaws of a badly recorded audio, the Urbanite XL did no such thing and made them sound even harsher.

With a price tag of $300, the Urbanite XL Wireless can’t be termed as cheap at all. It’s, however, priced less than those other premium Bluetooth headphones. Overall, it’s a great value for money when one looks at its good design, build-quality, strong performance and comfort level.