Nanosys Nanotechnology will make beautiful LED colors

Nanosys Nanotechnology will make beautiful LED colors


Nanosys is going to make the colors of LED displays more vivid and colorful using their new coating technique in LED-backlit screens.

It’s all in the nanotechnology.  Using standard blue LED’s they add their phosphor material, derived from nanomaterials, layed over blue LED lights (the most energy efficient LED color) to create better quality white LED lights with a larger array of hues, resulting in more vivid colors.  Nanosys also relies on the fact that our eyes are more sensitive to the colour green. Lights used will have a higher level of green.  Our eyes will perceive that the level of color brightness has increased without actually increasing the brightness and while still using the same energy efficiency of current LED technology.   By using their nanotechnology, they are able to make the LEDs virtually any hue, with color saturation far better than other LED-backlit LCD displays.

Nanosys products are said to be coming out later this year.

Source:  Treehugger