$1700 Edition 8 Palladium headphones, elegant and expensive

$1700 Edition 8 Palladium headphones, elegant and expensive


Ultrasone has released their latest special edition headphones, the Edition 8 Palladium. These luxurious black and silver headphones come equipped with Ultrasone’s S-Logic Plus technology, what this does for your ears is basically give you the utmost spacious tonal perception available. Audiophiles will enjoy the crispness of the sound, the palladium outer earcups are also pretty stylish and will increase its durability, limit tarnishing, and enhance the overall feel of the headphones when they sit on your head. Street price is $1699 in the USA.

Edition 8 Technical Specifications

* Principle: Dynamic / Closed
* Impedance: 30 Ohm
* Driver size: 40mm Titanium plated
* Magnet: NdFeB
* Frequency range: 6 – 42.000 Hz
* SPL: 96 dB
* Weight (excl. cord): 260g
* USC Cord length: 1,2m (OFC Cable)
* USC Extension cable 4m (OFC Cable)
* 3,5mm gold plated plugs
* Adapter 3,5/6,3mm gold plated
* ULE technology