Astak Pocket PRO EZ Reader for eBooks

Astak Pocket PRO EZ Reader for eBooks


When you have a market with such heavy hitters as Sony and Amazon, it can be a little difficult to carve out your own niche. Astak will probably never rise to the top of the ebook heap, but consumers could save a few bucks on the 5-inch EZ Reader Pocket PRO.

As expected with so many other e-book readers, this particular offering comes in the standard matte white finish, but it seems that hte slightly larger six-incher can come in black as well. It has some quick buttons at the bottom for ease of navigation, but perhaps one of the more appealing things is the marginally lower $199 price point.

Then again, you are only getting five inches of e-ink at that price. Other highlights include eight grayscale levels for more detailed resolution, faster page turns with an EPSON controller, 400MHz processor, text-to-speech for English and Chinese, SD expansion slot, and support for over 20 non-DRM formats.

As e-book readers grow in popularity, you can expect more of these second and third tier companies to push the price point lower while trying to shoehorn a few extra features.
Astak Pocket PRO EZ Reader for eBooks