Cowon W2 REVEALED; Touchscreen, Windows 7 and chunky

Cowon W2 REVEALED; Touchscreen, Windows 7 and chunky


When Cowon’s W2 info was leaked last November from the Bluetooth certification page we basically learnt all we needed to know, except for; what it looked like. The company has just thrown up a teaser page for the product.

The W2 shows as clean and sophisticated, with a brushed metal frame, two sleek buttons on either side of the screen and three tiny LED status lights at the top. Cowon’s W2 is a MID device, powered by an Intel Atom processor, which might have a few snags running Windows 7.  It’s a bit chunky, with a wide bezel and a more depth than anticipated, but we do expect it to be comfortable once we get it in our hands.

They haven’t provided the full specs yet, but here’s a few we do know;

W2 Features

  • 4.8″ Touchscreen LCD (1024 x 600 resolution) screen
  • Intel Atom 1.33GHZ CPU
  • Windows 7
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Speakers all built-in
  • USB/USB-mini, Ethernet Port/Monitor Out – via cable
  • Component/Composite Out – via cable

Not really much to go on so far. Updates will follow when we get them.

Source:  daprevie