Large Touch screen, 2GB storage highlight Kodak Slice

Large Touch screen, 2GB storage highlight Kodak Slice


How do you share your photos, online or in person?   Some of us don’t know what to do with them; they simply turn the camera around and try to view the pictures on that tiny dark LCD.  Slice has designed a camera for those people in mind to improve the sharing experience with several features.

A simple point and shoot 14 megapixel camera with 2GB of internal memory that Kodak says will hold up to 5,000 photos, a more versatile 3.5-inch touchscreen display and an internal 5x zoom lens with stabilization.  It can record 720p HD-quality movies at 30fps, too.

Kodak has also enhanced in-camera tagging options with a search system that allows you sort by person, place, event, or date. Plus, the Share button has areas for tagging photos to automatically upload them to Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, Kodak Gallery, and e-mail addresses when the Slice is attached to a computer.

The Slice has a solid feel in the hand and looks great. There’s also the 1080p Playsport camcorder, which is more or less a beefy Flip.  To demonstrate the waterproofing, the camera was plunked into a fish bowl, where it seemed completely undisturbed.

At $349, it’s on the more expensive side for a Kodak compact, but less than most of the touch-screen competition–and those don’t have 2GB of storage. Coming to us this April.

Source:  CNET