How To Turn Your iPhone Into A Nintendo Game Boy

How To Turn Your iPhone Into A Nintendo Game Boy


April Fools’ jokes have taken on a whole new meaning lately in the tech world. What started as a mere joke on April 1st this year, has now turned into a fabulous market testing strategy. What are we talking about?

Well,  it’s called a “Smart Boy”, a particular concept art that is mentioned as an upcoming hardware that will merely clip into an iPhone 6 Plus and you will instantaneously be able to play Game Boy and Game Boy color cartridges on the screen.

For now, it will only be able to plug and play with iPhone 6 Plus and that should excite the Apple fanatics who love games but we don’t think it will be long before all smartphones will be able to use this.

It all started out with a simple joke by sharing of the picture of the design concept, released on Reddit, and it was reported that Reddit followers quickly went crazy for the concept and loved it very much.

The scanned design totally hit the spot as it looked like someone had made the classic Nintendo portable and molded it lower half around an iPhone. That design became instantly popular with technology and gaming enthusiasts.

Photo via Hyperkin/Imgur 

Hyperkin, the independent video game developer from Los Angeles, shared that the company had merely started this out as a joke, but the overwhelming response from folks all across the internet really got them inspired to deliver something that was real and practical.
On April 1st, Hyperkin posted an update that shared this:

“A lot of you were speculating that the Smart Boy is an April Fools’ Joke. Well, it sort of was. We “leaked” it with the initial intent of testing the market, seeing whether or not it should be something we’d actually make, under the guise of an April Fools’ Joke.”

Was it a joke or a market testing ploy, regardless everything around this news has become a great marketing strategy for this LA based video game maker. People across the world are seeking answers and confirming it it really is happening and when.

Well, currently it is believed that the Smartboy will attach to the iPhone 6 Plus, turning the phone into a handheld gaming device, that will run without AA batteries but have a high resolution screen and it will be compatible with Game Boy and Game Boy Color cartridges.

“We wanted to create a retro device that can be easily adapted into any modern gamer’s arsenal of devices,” said Hyperkin’s product developer, Chris Gallizzi.

If the product comes away strong from the development stages, then it is expected that Smart Boy will come with a mobile app that will let iPhone users play Game Boy titles, with a battery that lasts over five hours. Of course, you will notice the cheat database, save states and considerable upscaling.

According to product developer Gallizzi, his team really “wanted to create a retro device that can be easily adapted into any modern gamer’s arsenal of devices.” Hence, they are looking to release Smart Boy in a classic 80’s Grey color, that will be very symbolic of old school retro electronics.

They expect to build on other colors as well but for now Grey will be the starting color.While this is still in its infancy stage, Hyperkin is expected to build features like an eight-way D-pad; two action buttons; a start and select button; and the cool part is that it will come with an included battery that can be charged through the phone itself.

We hope it happens, but of course there’s a lot of difference between the lip and the cup and by the end of it, who knows how many of these features will change as the project develops.

One of the biggest question everyone has been wondering is if the game developers of Smart Boy will be making this to be compatible with other devices as well, besides iPhone 6 Plus.

For now, Galizzi has confirmed that “the team is experimenting with both Android and Windows handsets as well.”

While Hyperkin hasn’t given anyone a concrete release date, but as Nintendo fans, we are truly excited about this project and hope that this truly rises up from being a joke for one to becoming a dream for many. We will keep you posted as we find out more, till then we go work on increasing our game boy skills. Soon, it will be game on.

What do you think about this April Fools Joke turning into a new product? Do you like Games? Would you want one of these Smart Boy cases? Share your comments with us. Who knows we may have one for a lucky winner when we get our hands on it.