Griffin PowerJolt Plus offers charging pass-through for cars

Griffin PowerJolt Plus offers charging pass-through for cars


 Griffin PowerJolt Plus Offers Charging Pass-Through for Cars
We’re always on the go and, as such, we want to keep our devices fully charged wherever life’s road may lead us. While I was over at Digital Experience, a preview show for CES the day before the convention fully opens, I had the opportunity to visit with the folks and Griffin to see the new PowerJolt Plus.

As you may recall, we had a look at a few of Griffin’s charging devices in the past here on Mobile Magazine and, overall, we’ve been quite pleased. The original PowerJolt was simply an adapter that fit in the 12V outlet in your car, converting it to a powered USB port for your iPod, BlackBerry, or what-have-you.

The problem with this is that it took up that treasured 12V outlet. Depending on the design of your vehicle, you may have just the one port. What if you need to charge your iPod and your Garmin GPS? That’s the simple solution offered by the PowerJolt Plus. It’ll charge one thing, but it has a pass-through.

The PowerJolt Plus will come in (at least) three variants: iPhone/iPod, mini-USB, and micro-USB. The latter two are officially called the Griffin PowerJolt Plus Mobile. Look for all three versions to start showing up at retailers on March 10 with sticker prices at $29.99 each.