TuneBug does the Shake, with a bit of Vibe

TuneBug does the Shake, with a bit of Vibe


I love blasting my iTunes anywhere I can, but the built in speakers on my MBP can only go so loud. Hopefully the new TuneBug will allow me to add a bit of “boom and shake” to my mobile funk delivery system.  TuneBug has a pair of devices that use SurfaceSound technology, I’ve actually been waiting quite some time for this technology to surface.  Tunebug’s patented SurfaceSound technology lets sound waves pass through the surfaces it rests on turning many surfaces into a flat panel speaker.

The Vibe does just that at shy $69.99, but the Shake, well, that’s a whole new set of apples, or melons? The Tunebug Shake ($119.99) also connects to iPods, MP3 players or mobile phones like the Vibe, but this one uses Bluetooth and when mounted on a bike, skate or snowboard helmet, the Shake creates a surround sound experience. “Music 4 UR Melon” they say. Next on the list, the Quake, I can only imagine.

Source TuneBug