New Android and webOS Smartphones Coming to AT&T

New Android and webOS Smartphones Coming to AT&T


New Android and webOS Smartphones Coming to AT&T
AT&T held a press conference earlier today, announcing that they’ll have a few new additions to the family in the coming year. The newest bundles of joy to join the stable already inhabited by the Apple iPhone, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile will take on a new look, thanks to Google Android and Palm’s webOS.

They weren’t quite as forthcoming with the exact details regarding each individual handset, but AT&T did provide more general information about what to expect. More specifically, we can expect a few exclusive Android smartphones.

The expectation is that one of these will be a variant of the Dell Mini 3i, as well as an Android phone from HTC and a Motorola MOTOBLUR handset. The Moto will likely be similar to the Droid that is already being offered through Verizon, possibly nullifying those attacks that the carriers have been exchanging.

In like manner, Sprint is currently the only US carrier that does the webOS thing with Palm, but that is changing too. AT&T says that webOS is joining their fold too, so we may be seeing US-friendly GSM versions of the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi. Then again, we could be seeing an exclusive AT&T Palm smartphone too.

Just as it does with Apple’s App Store, AT&T fully intends to support Android market and the Palm webOS store for all of your random application needs.

Source: Mobileburn