How To Play Pac-Man Inside Google Maps right now

How To Play Pac-Man Inside Google Maps right now


Google is always having some fun, while they doodle around with their logo on the home page based on the holiday or what’s trending, sometimes they extend that fun even more when it’s the April Fools day.

Just a few days ago, Google sent this interesting tweet out that had its followers going frenzy. You wonder what it was, of course, it could only mean one glorious thing: you can now play Pac-Man in Google Maps.

How Do I Get It?

Well, if you really want it, all you have to do is just Google Maps on the Web, then on the bottom left hand corner of the screen you will find the little Pac-Man icon and then wait for magic to happen.

How Will It Work?

What Google will do is verify your settings and then do a quick map analysis and depending on your location, it will try to use your map and render a level to see if you can play the game. Since it doesn’t work on every location, don’t panic if you are unable to play on first attempt.


All you have to do is select a new area, and Google will give you that option, so go ahead and click the “I’m feeling lucky” button (I’ve always wanted to hit that) and in an instant you will be transferred and transported to an already existing pre-selected area. You are ready, set and good to go to play Pac Man inside Google Maps immediately.


Will The Game Work On My Phone?

Technically Yes and No, see as soon you try playing on your mobile devices, it’s very hard to find the hidden Pac-Man pins. You could try to figure it out through the Google support page (good luck) and once you do, you’ll be able to see the Pac-Man button and then you are good to play.


However, don’t despair, if you are on desktops and notebooks, you can play all day long with your favorite yellow hero through your keyboards and fight of the ghosts chasing you around the streets all over town and believe me, city streets make for awesome Pac-Man levels. I promise you, it will be heckuva fun and bring back lots of memories.

Today, being Easter, Google has added a Pac-Man Easter egg, and while the company featured Pac-Man in a Doodle back in 2010, this time it’s just picked up a lot more excitement than before. Google just loves testing and playing with fun things, they did something similar last year as well when they made you catch a Pokemon right on your maps.


I don’t know about you, but I can barely get any work done when Google does such fun games. Enjoy and please set a timer before you start playing or don’t blame us for lack of productivity 😉

Has anyone else tried the Pac-Man game yet? What do you think of Google trying to do this? Share your ideas, tips and pictures of you guys playing to us.