5 Awesome iPhone Pranks To Fool Your Friends

5 Awesome iPhone Pranks To Fool Your Friends


Buzzfeed did a funny video for April Fools Day to prank your friends on their iPhone.

Check out the video below for a fun break on how to have some good fun with your friends.

They left their phones unlocked, it’s their fault I guess 😉

So how do you go about it, well below are five easy fun steps to make it happen.


1. First you download this GIF of three dots that you can store in your pictures
2. Start a conversation with a friend, talking about something in urgency
3. Send the GIF to that friend while you are in the middle of that text conversation. Leaving them confused.

It’ll look like you’re typing forever but you know there’s nothing coming. Haha


Ok, this one is such trolling and can be hilariously fun. Here’s what you do:

1. Somehow find your friend’s phone when they are not around and go into their Contacts.
2. Search and Find your name.
3. Edit the contact and change your name to someone else. Perhaps something like “Mom” or “Dad”
4. Send crazy messages to make them go bonkers. Have fun and troll away.


Ok this is pretty evil but one of the most fun.

1. Go through these steps on your friend’s phone, Settings > General > Keyboard > Add New Shortcut
2. Edit the shortcut to common used words like “yes”, “no”, “ofcourse”, “what” to fun words.
3. In the video example above, they change “no” to “pecan pie.” and you can change “yes” to “no” and leave them confused why they cannot say “yes”. lol

Ok, you guys are going to love this one.

1. First, take a screenshot of your friend’s home screen (first page)
2. If you don’t know how, here’s what to do (press the Power + Home buttons at the same time and wahlaa)
3. Now, once you have a picture, go ahead and hold the home button until their apps start to shake and wiggle
4. Drag all their apps from the first (some) screen to the right onto another screen.
5. Press the Home button when done to stop the wiggling.
6. You will find the first main page looks empty, so then you: Go to Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness > Choose A New Wallpaper and set their Home Screen wallpaper to the screenshot you took of their home page.

Now, when they see their phone and try to tap any of the apps on the home screen, they’ll be left gasping for air since they wouldn’t know what happened, as nothing will happen. 😉 

Ok, this one is pure evil, as if you don’t know how to get out of it, you can be trapped in an app and be forced to stay there, till you find a password. Here’s how it works:

1. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility on your friend’s phone
2. Go ahead and turn on Guided Access.
3. Then open a really boring app (like Weather) or something else you know annoys them
4. Press the Home button three times 3x.
5. It will ask you to enter a passcode.
6. Put a password only you know
7. Now, just wait for them to access it and they will be stuck there and can’t quit the app till they have the passcode.

How about these five fun pranks, did you enjoy them? Have you used any of these before?  Are there others that you think can be used to prank your friends?  Share with us and we will add them here.