3 Reasons To Use Video For Effective Customer Engagement

3 Reasons To Use Video For Effective Customer Engagement


It is 2015 and a whole lot has changed from the last few years. No longer are we just building customer touch-points, in this social media and video connection age, customers are demanding and people are expecting more meaningful connections. Connections that build real value, that creates long term customer satisfaction, that drives real revenue.

It is obvious that what your doing as a team, to engage with your customers is how your brand is being built in the consumers eyes. It is said, that 70% of Americans are willing to spend an average of 13% more with companies who they feel are going above and beyond to provide customer service.  That is huge in terms of getting repeat business from these loyal list of consumers.

You should be clear that every touch point in customer engagement should have a clear and precise goal for an ask or for a resolution that helps and builds the customer. However, as you go forward, ensure your entire team knows what that outcome should be so they can provide tools and services that empower the customers and/or make their lives more effective and efficient.


There are thousands of products and services out there, so why should anyone pick you? Ever thought, what does it really take to make consumers listen, to pay attention, to pick you? What do you do to find that person, to reach someone who will go online or drop by the store to buy the product or service you’re selling?

What does it take to create that connection, to form that bond, to ensure the right kind of consumers—the buyers, the influencers—continue to find you, continue to buy from you? What creates an evergreen customer loyalty? How do you inspire consumer desire for your product or service, now that is the golden question and one that is everyone’s quest?

Video To The Rescue

The wise say, if a picture says a 1000 words, the the video is priceless! Times have changed, people are no longer reading, no wonder YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine. People like videos to communicate and engage with you. If you ask any competent digital marketer, video engagement is an integral part of their tools because it is really impactful and provides a huge boost in interaction, action and usability.

Top businesses understand this and to remain at the top constantly use video to communicate and engage with their existing customers and bring in new ones. The Use of video technology for business is on tremendous rise. More and more companies are starting to use video meetings to gain and strengthen customer engagement.


Frost and Sullivan, in a report dated October of last year, observed the rapid transformation of the conferencing services market. By 2016, while projections put audio conferencing in a position to land 51 percent of the market revenue, web conferencing was expected to grab the rest. The report further added that compound annual growth estimates for video conferencing were around double-digit figures, and expected to take full effect throughout the years 2013 to 2019.

Those are huge numbers and the predictions are a signal of what’s forthcoming. Video Meetings are going to become a necessity for businesses to remain in their businesses. Videos are priceless and here are some astounding facts for the power of video engagement with your customers: 

1.)  Video engagement provide a 74% increase in visitors’ understanding of a product.

2.)  45.5% of Internet users view at least one video over the course of a month.

3.)  An average user spends 16 minutes and 49 seconds watching online video ads every month

4.)  80% of users remember the videos they watch online

5.)  46% of users take action after viewing a video online

6.)  Your website visitors are 64% more likely to buy a product after watching a video

7.)  When video is included in email there’s a 2 – 3 times increase in Click through Rates

8.) When video is included in email there’s also a 51% increase in subscriber-to-lead conversion rates


So here’s the deal, if you really want to build long term loyal relationships with your customers that will extend far beyond you, here are three reasons to use video as part of your strategy for effective customer engagement:

1.) Making a Genuine Connection

The truth is that you just can’t force people to listen to you. No matter how good your message is or how many ads or emails or offers you put out there, if you don’t make a genuine connection, the voice for your product or service is doomed. To build that connection, you’ve got to find a way to engage your customers. You’ve got to be updated on the current practices, the newest ideas, the trends in the market. These are all important to ensuring you’re ahead of the competition.


But then what, see this is where using video as either creating messages or using video conferencing as a tool come in handy. Since you are staying ahead of your competition and competent about your industry, you’ve got an effective tool in video to let your consumers become aware of the knowledge and tools and tips that you have. The customers adapt to latest and new changing technologies and so should you.

When the customers see you eye to eye through video, it makes them feel that you are truly talking to them, thus building a genuine human connection with them that in turn builds loyalty that drives up revenue.

2.) Building a Loyal and Long Term Consumer Engagement

There is an informative article by CloudTweaks that helps us pinpoint a few of the many ways video meetings promote consumer engagement and can be a genuine new resource to build revenue. Ok, so how do you use video conferencing to effective engage your customers? Well, whatever you do, have a plan in place that clearly outlines the outcome you are working for and expecting at the end of call. If that outcome is not achieved, you’ll know that engagement was not effective. Common questions that come to mind for video conferencing with consumers relate to, what should we talk about with them? Here are three ways to engage your customers on video conferencing:

  • Town Hall Q&A sessions: Create a genuine open lines of communication and get to know your customers through video introductions and having a regular Q&A session that helps both of you learn about each other, what the current pain points are for your customers, how you can learn about them and help them. This is also a good time to ask them for feedback and see how your service is looked upon so you can get genuine concerns upfront and take care of them before they escalate. Use this time for real feedback to help you and your customers to change and adjust your approach to build a mutually beneficial environment for long term.
  • Announcements: This is something many companies don’t use enough of, keeping your existing customers engaged with new features or new product launches. Most of them usually find out from the market or from someone else about your new product or feature. If you can use these video meetings to let your consumers know of your progress and give them a “vip” treatment of advance product launches of your product, they will not only feel special but want to find a way to give back their loyalty and buy your product in advance.
  • mobile-videoRegular Contests: Another way to garner a huge following and build effective customer engagement is to host regular contests. While social media is used in many forms, getting customers or consumers to use video to submit their entries make the entire process more fun, engaging and powerful. You can see people put their personalities and connect better with you and try to build a genuine human connection. Ensure you have good and right prizes as offering for them to participate, if you get this part right, not only will you get a ton of responses, you will see the participants connect with you in all forms of social media, leading from facebook to twitter to pinterest etc. With trending pages, who knows one tweet or facebook post can get you viral and video is the fastest way to get viral, thus increasing your chance of building your brand faster in the market.

3.) Real Time Impact 

We are living in a new ‘always on’ world and social media and use of videos has made everything different. A few years ago, companies were engaging with customers in a one-off, silo, closed settings and while this built a one on one connection, the downside of it was when that person left the company, so did your connection with customer.

No longer are customers calling in or sending postal mails or writing emails for feedback or for complaints, they are using social media to make their voices heard. An astounding 78% used mobile apps for customer service purposes and even more for social media feedback. One bad review left on youtube could cause a storm for a company as now there’s a visual of the consumer which gives them sympathy from other consumers who feel they could be in the same space at some point.

video marketing

In other words, you’ve got to engage with your customers, on the go, constantly in relation to their daily lives and if they feel neglected, then you lose an opportunity to nurture the relationship through an open honest dialogue to take care of the situation. Videos are a very powerful tool to be more proactive in sharing your company values and offerings and openness of customer service. The video is a great tool to get real time feedback and to answer their questions and provide a real impact to your bottom line. This immediate form of service via communication helps you gain loyalty and stay on top of their minds when it comes to their product purchase decisions, helping them pick you because of your series of past positive experiences through video interaction.

 Wha Are The Best Tools To Get Started With? 

Well, there are quite a few video tools that you can pick from, based on features, simplicity and price. What you want to do is get your needs sorted out, know exactly what the main purpose of your video engagement is and then you can pick a tool that aligns best with helping you accomplishing that need.

Another approach is to try “free trials” for your favorite products, use them that’s the only way for you to know how it works and if it aligns well with your existing communication structure and policies and also provides an opportunity to get your team on board as well before making a final decision.


So while there are plenty of options to choose from, below are three tools that we think can help you get started with your video engagement instantly and are one of the most impactful tools that can be helpful:

  1. Skype: has become of the most popular video tools, although they require an actual download on your computer or phone for it to work. While that shouldn’t be a huge problem, it limits you if you are without your computer and then have to download it to someone else’s computer for it to work. Once you have it downloaded though, the service is great as it offers free chats, calls, group video calling with your consumers, clients and friends and also allows you to see and talk to more than one person at a time.skype
    They have quite a lot to explore but screen sharing, secret emoticons and file transfers are just a few of the perks you get to enjoy as a Skyper. However, one key drawback with Skype is that you can only get the freebies when you contact fellow Skypers. Of course, with a customer base that’s around 300 million users—and still growing everyday—you won’t have to worry about free access any time soon or finding your friends or clients without skype.
  2. Blue Jeans: is an impactful web based conferencing solutions and doesn’t need a download unlike skype. For small businesses and entrepreneurs, Blue Jeans is one of the best choices for organizations looking to add video to their communication platform. They have got some real flexible options; an easy to use interface and cost-effective systems and from the looks of it, BlueJeans for customer engagement is ideal.blue-jeans-conference
    You can expect easy content sharing, specifically screen sharing, video sharing, face to face contact and zoom capability. A new recording feature also adds incredible functionality as customer reviews, responses and reviews can now be recorded, studied and analyzed for pain points or points that indicate where consumer demands weren’t satisfied or met. If you want a solution that’s device-friendly, whether for desktops or mobile (your smartphone or tablet), this can be an effective solution for you and your team to build upon.
  3. Google Hangouts: Everyone has a Google account or a gmail, well almost everyone, which means that this is not only free but simple and automatically present as a tool if you have a Google account.  Google Hangouts offers huge wonderful access to it many other features like Google voice and video plugins, for starters. The more you explore, the more it gets crazier and funner, did you know you can enjoy video in Gmail?hangout
    The fact that almost everyone owns a gmail account makes it so much easier to see a huge number of your friends all at the same time and it just got way easier with this Google-powered social network. If you want nothing more than video chats for one on one and groups conferences, this is a decently good call. And if you don’t particularly mind the constant updates, you and your Google Hangouts service will work out just fine.

Well, we hope this provides you with more details and helpful tips to consider video marketing and video conferencing as tools to grow your business, build a genuine long term relationship with your customers and that you can put video as a top marketing tool to grow and expand your business.

Do you use video in your business? Have you used video for your marketing? Please share if you have any tips or tricks that has helped you grow your business? We look forward to your comments below.