Mophie iPhone Case Includes Credit Card Scanner

Mophie iPhone Case Includes Credit Card Scanner


 Mophie iPhone Case Includes Credit Card ScannerThe whole concept of a traditional point of sale dictates that the business owner should have some kind of cash register, hooked up with the various periphernalia to handle different types of payment. That’s changing and Mophie is hoping to move the charge forward.

Instead of getting customers to walk up to a traditional cash register, they can simply walk up to one of the customer service reps on the floor armed with this device. It’s not entirely new, per se, but the case does come with the ability to swipe credit cards.

Working in tandem with an appropriate app for the iPhone, the yet unnamed Mophie case can then swipe a traditional credit card just like you would with the machine from the bank. I can’t say for sure whether it works for debit too, but I don’t see why they can’t develop an app that does that too.

We’re expecting to see more information about this Mophie credit card iPhone case at CES next month. How this will line up against the Square mobile payment system remains to be seen.

Source: Intomobile