REVIEW – Be.ez LA robe Netbook Sleeve

REVIEW – Be.ez LA robe Netbook Sleeve


REVIEW - Be.ez LA robe Netbook Sleeve

Whether you’re heading out to the local coffee shop or your flying across the country, it makes sense that you want your computer to be properly protected during your commute. Be.ez is a French design company that it originally created the LA robe series for the Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro.

Recognizing an increasing interest in the area, be.ez decided to expand the line to include the LA robe Netbook, which is available in 8.9-inch, 10.2-inch, and 11.6-inch variations, as well as a set designed specifically for Asus Eee PC 700/900 series netbooks.

Stylish Protective Sleeve for Your Netbook

For the purposes of this review, we’ll be taking a look at the LA robe Netbook 8.9 in Chocolat. It’s clearly meant to be a “classier” alternative to the bright colors you may find in some of the other LA robe products. Alternatively, the LA robe Netbook 8.9 can be found in Cannelle, Poivre, and Black and White.

REVIEW - Be.ez LA robe Netbook Sleeve

Up until now, I had been using a neoprene sleeve from Targus for my Acer Aspire One. The trouble for me is that this sleeve was designed to accommodate 10.1-inch netbooks and the Aspire One I have is an 8.9-incher. The LA robe Netbook 8.9, in this way, is a much better fit. I also found that the be.ez offering is substantially stiffer than the Targus sleeve.

Stiff Low Resilience Polyurethane Technology

The stiffness in this sleeve is thanks to the Low Resilience Polyurethane (LRPu) Technology. Instead of the soft and pliable material that you get with a neoprene sleeve, this material is almost has the consistency of Styrofoam.

REVIEW - Be.ez LA robe Netbook Sleeve

The difference is that it will eventually return back to its regular shape if you happen to push your thumb into it. This is not at all like the memory foam that you’d get with a contour pillow, for example, so don’t expect it to be super soft.

By having some extra stiffness, the assumption is that your netbook will be better protected. It is also quite notable that be.ez uses a “robe protection thickness” of 5mm. That’s on either side, so the total thickness of this sleeve is a hair over 10mm.

Inner Lip Prevents Zipper Scratching

REVIEW - Be.ez LA robe Netbook Sleeve

Another added feature in the be.ez LA robe Netbook is an inner lip. There is a slightly raised portion on the inside that separates your netbook from the zipper. In doing so, you are much less likely to accidentally leave unsightly scratches on the surface of your netbook.


Retailing for about twenty bucks, the be.ez LA robe Netbook is a good choice for people who hit the road with their netbooks on a relatively regular basis. This is a very small investment to make to protect your valued portable computer from unfortunate damage.

REVIEW - Be.ez LA robe Netbook Sleeve

I’m personally not a huge fan of extra vibrant colors for my computer products, so the classy color schemes offered by the LA robe Netbook line are more my cup of tea.

The stiffness offered by the LRPu Technology offers good protection, but it is very different from the neoprene sleeves that you may find elsewhere. It’s not supple, but it does its job. You may prefer the soft feel of neoprene, but this is a matter of personal preference. Aside from this, I wouldn’t really separate the be.ez LA robe Netbook from other similar sleeves.

Personally, I don’t think that I’d use the be.ez LA robe Netbook on its own, choosing instead to use it in tandem with something like the Mobile Edge Ultraportable Backpack. This gives you optimum protection and utility.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10