Video: User Interface on Nexus One Google Phone

Video: User Interface on Nexus One Google Phone


 Video: User Interface on Nexus One Google PhoneSome people have said that the official Google Phone will be pretty groundbreaking, whereas others say that it will be just another Android phone. Well, based on the video embedded below of the Nexus One, this smartphone will at least be different from an aesthetic standpoint. The user interface is a little different.

There have already been a few videos posted on the web showing the boot animation on the Nexus One, but this video gives you a better sense of what to expect from Android 2.1. This is the natural progression of the Android platform, so you can look forward to a few upgrades.

Among the differences are that quarter-circle scroll wheel home page for quick access to Voice Search, Marketplace, Map, Contacts, and Search. It’s also interesting that the main home screen has those flying pixel things in the background.

Anyways, a video is worth more than a thousand words, so check out the video for yourself below. Enjoy!

Source: TechEBlog