Twitter App for Zune HD Censors Potty Mouths

Twitter App for Zune HD Censors Potty Mouths


 Twitter App for Zune HD Censors Potty Mouths
There are all sorts of places where you can stay up to date with your tweeps and tweets these days. There’s the main Twitter website, a huge range of desktop clients, Twitter apps for smartphones, and even the Twitter thing on the Xbox 360. Well, you can now add the Zune HD to that list, but it comes with a caveat or two.

The Zune HD hasn’t been quite as popular as Microsoft had hoped, since the iPod touch still outsells it as far as I know, but it does represent a nice step forward for the company. It’s so much more than just a regular media player.

The Zune HD Twitter app can be found through the regular marketplace for the Zune and it seems to be reasonably attractive, letting you see profile pictures and the like. Unfortunately, it seems to be “distressingly laggy” for some users, stalling “several times just scrolling through a list of tweets.”

Oh, and if you happen to cuss (or you follow people who do), the Zune HD Twitter app will automatically censor your potty mouths. All “naughty words” get whitewashed with random punctuation marks. Does this make it more family-friendly?

Source: Engadget