Wind Mobile Launches Today with Four Phone Choices

Wind Mobile Launches Today with Four Phone Choices


 Wind Mobile Launches Today with Four Phone Choices
It’s been quite the exciting ride, but Wind Mobile is finally launching in Canada today. The price plans are basically in line with the leak that we saw last week, so now let’s take a look at the actual phones that you’ll be able to use with Wind Mobile.

As you may already know, Wind Mobile uses the same 1700MHz AWS spectrum as T-Mobile USA, so you’ll want to keep that in mind if you choose to take the unlocked gray market route for your chosen handset. Should you choose to stick with what they sell directly, you’ll find a current selection of four phones, all of which are available without a contract.

The BlackBerry Bold 9700 is the only BlackBerry in the bunch and it sells for $450. That’s about $150 less than the no-contract price from the other major carriers in Canada.

The HTC Maple gives you the QWERTY experience in a “lean, mean messaging machine” for $300. For a simpler solution, you may consider the Samsung Gravity 2 at $150 and the touchscreen fanatics may like the Huawei U7519, which happens to sell for a mere $130. Remember that these are all no contract prices.

There’s also the Huawei E181 Data Stick for laptops. That sells for $150.

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