Blast into the Past with Voltron iPhone Game

Blast into the Past with Voltron iPhone Game


 Blast into the Past with Voltron iPhone Game
I’m not sure if it is quite on the same level as the Nintendo DS and the Sony PSP, but the Apple iPhone has certainly become an incredibly popular and powerful portable gaming platform. You get your simple games, to be sure, but you get some pretty complex titles too. For a dash of nostalgia, you may want to look at the new Voltron game.

The new iPhone game features everything that you remember from your Voltron-fueled childhood, offering you something akin to NES era graphics. That’s pretty fitting, I’d say. You get a 2/3 isometric perspective and you can be sure that it’ll be packed with action. Oh, and something about combining into an “ulitmate killing machine.”

While there appear to be the multiple characters that you know and love from the Voltron universe, there does not appear to be any multiplayer support. I guess there would be too much in-fighting when you choose to combine. It’s also noteworthy that the controls take up a sizable chunk of the screen, but that’s the price you pay for touchscreen controls.

The Voltron iPhone game can be found through the App Store for four bucks.

Source: Intomobile