First Look: Wind Mobile Kiosk Inside Blockbuster Store

First Look: Wind Mobile Kiosk Inside Blockbuster Store


 First Look: Wind Mobile Kiosk Inside Blockbuster Store
Given the rising price of DVD movie rentals and the relative ease of use offered by digital downloads as an alternative, I guess it’s not all that surprising that Blockbuster Video is facing some tough times. Heck, much of the time, it can be more worthwhile to buy the DVDs outright than it is to rent them. So, what does this have to do with Wind Mobile?

Well, you know how the Globalive-sourced mobile brand recently got the green light from Industry Canada, allowing the Wind Mobile brand to go ahead in our fair nation? Well, they’re getting ready to build up a bigger brand presence and they seem to be starting with a formal relationship with Blockbuster.

Wind Mobile will have its own stores, to be sure, but it seems that they’ll be setting up a “store within a store” inside certain Blockbuster locations too. This is the one of the first pictures of the Wind Mobile kiosk inside of a Blockbuster store, showing you how they’ll display the phones and such.

The plus for Wind is that this will help to expand the presence of their brand in Canada. The plus for Blockbuster is that they may actually see a few more customers come through the door. They may come for Wind, but they may stick around for some DVD and game rentals. Maybe.

At last count, 13 Blockbuster locations in the Greater Toronto Area and three in the Calgary area will get outfitted with a Wind Mobile mini-store.

Source: BGR