Canadian iPhones Get Kindle App Too

Canadian iPhones Get Kindle App Too


Canadian iPhones Get Kindle App TooThe Amazon Kindle isn’t quite as new as it used to be, but it was only one month ago that the e-book reader was officially offered to Canadians. If you’d prefer not to buy a separate device for your reading habit, then you’ll like today’s announcement. The Kindle App for the iPhone gives you the Kindle experience right on your favorite Apple touchscreen device. The best part is that it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

While you could spend several hundred dollars to buy a real Amazon Kindle, if you already have an Apple iPhone, you can get the Kindle App for free. It’s a free download via the App Store, but you will have to pay for any of the regular books that your purchase through the app of course.

The Kindle for iPhone App is being made available in 60 countries around the world, including Canada. You can use this app to browse, purchase, download, and read thousands of books available through the Kindle store. Part of the browsing experience lets you read a snippet of each book for free before you buy it.

Other highlights include the ability to automatically synchronize your bookmarks (like last page read), access the library of previously purchased Kindle content, and choose between six different font sizes. Unlike the real Kindle, you can get full color pictures where available too.

Source: MobileSyrup