Video: ODROID Android Gaming Handheld Demo

Video: ODROID Android Gaming Handheld Demo


Video: ODROID Android Gaming Handheld Demo
The Google Android platform is turning out to be quite a bit more versatile than some people had first expected it to be. We thought that Android would be for smartphones only, but we’ve already seen it implemented in netbooks too. Well, get ready for the ODROID Android gaming handheld, giving you the opportunity to play games on an HDTV too.

A pre-sale for the ODROID went up back in September, but you may have forgotten about this device since then. In a nutshell, it’s a gaming handheld not unlike the original Sega Game Gear or maybe like the iPod touch, but the kicker is that it can output to your HDTV for big-screen gaming.

It’s powered by Google Android, of course, and it gets powered by an 833MHz processor. Inside the box, you get the usual set of cables and documentation, and then it’s up to you to load up on some games to play.

The video demo belows shows off a title called Speed Forge 3D, which bears a striking resemblance to Wipeout. It’s being played in 720p HD via HDMI. The ODROID sells for $349.

Source: Engadget