Remotely Charge Chevy Volt with BlackBerry/iPhone Apps

Remotely Charge Chevy Volt with BlackBerry/iPhone Apps


 Remotely Charge Your Chevy Volt with BlackBerry/iPhone AppsThe Chevy Volt will not be a major volume seller, but it could represent a major accomplishment for General Motors. It’s a hybrid, but it can also run on electricity alone for shorter trips; you just have to plug it in to top up the batteries. What if you don’t want to rack up your power bill?

Well, it seems that the folks at Chevrolet have you covered on that front too. You see, you could plug the Chevy Volt into your outlet of choice without it sucking power out of the wall the entire time. Instead, you can have it programmed with an app for either the BlackBerry or iPhone platform.

Using this app, which was demonstrated on a BlackBerry Storm, you can remotely send a signal to your car telling it to start or stop charging. It’s a remote control for your car, kind of.

Going further, the Chevy Volt could represent a few other technological achievements. The SmartStart application could soon be expanded to include other functions, like popping the trunk, unlocking the doors, starting the car, or hitting the panic alarm remotely from your smartphone.

Does this pose a serious risk to your car’s security? Perhaps, but then there’s always OnStar to do the remote engine kill too, right?

Source: Intomobile