International Users Blocked from Google Navigation

International Users Blocked from Google Navigation


 International Users Blocked from Google Navigation
This news won’t affect anyone who is sticking to the United States, but for everyone else in the world, this is a rather unfortunate turn of events. As you may recall, some Android hackers have managed to get Google Maps Navigation to work around the world. I guess Google wasn’t very happy about that.

Originally, Google said that the new turn-by-turn GPS navigation application would only be made available to Android users within the United States. Feeling left out, the hackers figured out a way to use it internationally, but that method has now been blocked.

I thought that Google Android was supposed to be a more open platform that allowed for the free development of applications and alterations, but I guess big brother Google wants to keep the modders in check. Thankfully for our international readers, the hackers “anticipated” these changes and are already working to get around it.

It’s an arms race again, I guess. The hackers will find a workaround, Google will block it, then the hackers will find another workaround. This is the same thing that happens with unlocking and jailbreaking iPhones, so it’s an old hat for the smartphone world.

Source: Engadget