Speech-Based Text Messages with Dragon for iPhone

Speech-Based Text Messages with Dragon for iPhone


 Speech-Based Text Messages and E-Mails with Dragon for iPhone
Yes, we all know that the Apple iPhone has a fantastic capacitive touchscreen display. The virtual keyboard takes a little getting used to, but once you do, it’s just as fast (if not faster) than its hardware-based equivalent. Even so, it can still be hard typing as fast as you can talk. Dragon wants to fix that.

I’m not completely convinced on the name, since it sounds like it’s the beginning of a cheesy kung-fu movie, but Dragon for iPhone could prove to be quite the handy app. In short, it’s a voice transcription application that will turn what you say into written words on the screen.

The speech recognition software comes from Nuance, the same company that powers the native voice dialing app on the BlackBerry. With Dragon, you can just say what you want and it’ll work with text messages, e-mails, or just about anywhere else thanks to the iPhone clipboard. In time, they’ll let you use it with Search, Wikipedia, Google, Twitter, Yahoo!, YouTube, iTunes, and more.

The best part about Dragon for iPhone is the price. It’s free. Find it in the App Store and download at will.

Source: Intomobile