Get Endless Green Lights with the MIRT

Get Endless Green Lights with the MIRT


Get Endless Green Lights with the MIRT
I enjoy a lazy Sunday cruise as much as the next person, but getting stuck behind a never-ending line of red lights during rush hour is anything but pleasant. Are you tired of waiting for the lights to change too? If so, you may want to check out the MIRT. With it, you’ll never have to wait at a light again.

Standing for Mobile Infrared Transmitter, the MIRT can be mounted to your windshield or dash and then, with the hitting of a button, your red light will turn into a green one. This will keep you going on your way with minimal delay.

As you may already know, there all sorts of legal ramifications to devices like these. In many jurisdictions, they may as well be illegal to use, because you are only allowed to use a MIRT under very specific circumstances. Thankfully, the seller’s website provides you with a list of these circumstances.

For the average Joe, the MIRT probably is far from being a requirement for the daily commute, but a minute saved waiting at the light can be better spend twiddling your thumbs in your office cubicle, right?

Source: Gadgetreview