Check Out the Updated Mobile Twitter Site

Check Out the Updated Mobile Twitter Site


 Check Out the Updated Mobile Twitter Site
If you’re rocking just about any kind of smartphone, you have a fairly good selection of TWitter clients to consider. BlackBerry users may like UberTwitter, Symbian S60 users might turn to Gravity, and Android users might choose Twidroid. That’s because the mobile site, up until now, has been pretty bad.

The interface worked for some basic tweeting, but it really didn’t go much further than that. Accessing the mentions and messages was a bit of a pain and the overall look left much to be desired. Thankfully, the Twitter crew have finally addressed this issue with a major redesign.

If you point your mobile browser over to the mobile Twitter site, you’ll see that it is now very clean-looking and actually functional. There are even little icons for replying and retweeting! This is a vast improvement over the mobile site of old.

It should be noted that the new site is located at If you want to see the old mobile site, you can still see it at

The new site is optimized for WebKit browsers, including iPhone, Android, Symbian, and webOS. It will also work with BlackBerry, but I hear it doesn’t play nice with Opera for winMo.

Source: Gizmodo