DLO WallDock Charges iPhone Without Wires

DLO WallDock Charges iPhone Without Wires


 DLO WallDock Charges iPhone Without Wires
This isn’t quite as cool as the wireless charging solutions offered by companies like PowerMat, but it does mean that you don’t have to deal with any messy cables when it comes time to charge up your Apple iPhone or iPod. It also makes for a nice, clean appearance that is completely uncluttered.

The DLO WallDock isn’t exactly the most exciting thing in the world, but it does let you charge your iPhone or iPod up against the wall. There is no cable to extend, since your Apple device docks into the top. You’ll also see that there are no inserts, since the top surface acts like a cushion to hold your iPhone or iPod in place.

It’s also slightly flexible, from what I can gather, so that your iPhone will lean up against the wall while it is being charged. Does it come with an FM transmitter, portable battery, or any other functionality? Nope. It’s a wall charger.

You can find the DLO WallDock on sale at your favorite accessories store for about $24.99. It’s far from the cheapest wall charger on the block, but that’s the price you pay for pretty, right?

Source: TheGadgeteer