Apple iPhone Runs Away with Mirror’s Edge Game

Apple iPhone Runs Away with Mirror’s Edge Game


 Apple iPhone Runs Away with Mirror's Edge Game
Every once in a while, you come across a game that is truly innovative and offers something quite unlike anything you’ve ever played before. Mirror’s Edge was one of those games, because it got you to play through a platformer-like experience but from a first-person perspective. Well, get ready to go mobile because Mirror’s Edge is heading to the iPhone in January.

As you may recall, the original Mirror’s Edge game placed a lot more focus on running and jumping rather than on punching and shooting. There were some action sequences that required battle, but running away was usually the better option for our heroine. The parkour-like elements were certainly fun.

For the iPhone version, you’ll be getting a slightly different experience. Instead of the first-person perspective that you got with the console versions, it seems like you’ll be getting a standard third-person perspective for your action-filled platforming.

The early screens seem to show a 3D sidescroller of some kind, so at least it’ll be a slight step up from the 2D Flash version that EA posted some time back.

Source: Kotaku