How to Make Any Glove Touchscreen Friendly

How to Make Any Glove Touchscreen Friendly


 How to Make Any Glove Touchscreen Friendly
If you happen to own a smartphone with a resistive touchscreen, like a good number of Windows Mobile phones from overseas, then you can probably use your gloved fingers without issue. However, if you happen to own something like the Apple iPhone with a capacitive touchscreen, you’ll notice that your gloved fingers are completely useless against the screen.

It’s starting to get pretty nippy out there, so it’s not surprising that more people are bundling up for the fall and winter seasons. Wearing gloves, however, means that you can’t use your iPhone. Sure, you could invest in some specialized gloves that purpose, but wouldn’t you rather use the gloves you already have?

That’s the idea behind a recent tutorial posted on Instructables. Basically, it shows you how you can take any pair of gloves and convert them into being compatible with capacitive touchscreen displays.

All you need is a little elbow grease, a needle, and about 12-inches of conductive thread. It doesn’t seem all that hard at all and now you can keep your fingers nice and warm while blasting out those emails and updating your Twitter accounts.

Follow the source link below to read the full step-by-step instructions on Instructables.

Source: Instructables