Free “My Account” iPhone App for Rogers and Fido

Free “My Account” iPhone App for Rogers and Fido


Free "My Account" iPhone App for Rogers and FidoWant to make sure that you’re not yakking past your minutes this month? Nowhere near a computer where you can log into your account and you don’t want to bother with calling 611 on your handset? It seems that Rogers Wireless and Fido have the iPhone people covered with the new “My Account” app.

Naturally, both the Rogers and Fido variants on this app are available as a free download, since it wouldn’t make sense to charge you for the ability to see how they’re charging you. Then again, this is coming from the carrier that “eliminated” the SAF only to introduce the GRRF, so…

In any case, the My Account app for the iPhone will allow Rogers and Fido customers to check up on their usage. This applies to your minutes, your data, and your messages, so you can make sure that you’re staying within your limits. The app can also be used to access your account balance, make payments, and more.

You’ll need at least OS 3.0 on your iPhone to run this app, but aside from that, you should be good to go. Now you have no excuse for the surprisingly large bill at the end of the month.

Source: Intomobile