Say Hello to the Google Chrome OS (Video)

Say Hello to the Google Chrome OS (Video)


Say Hello to the Google Chrome OS (Demo Video)
I’m already using Google Chrome as the primary web browser on my computer and a good number of people have migrated over to Google Android for their smartphone needs. We knew the day was coming, but now it’s official. A special event was hosted over at the Googleplex to officially reveal the Google Chrome OS.

This new operating system will presumably be installed on a variety of portable devices, like MIDs and netbooks, giving a lighter weight approach to computing than Windows XP or Windows 7. You can tell that it’s very much cloud-based too, since all the email is routed through Gmail and so on.

For Chrome OS, Google is focusing on speed, simplicity, and security. The goal is to have it be “blazingly fast, basically instant-on.” It should take seven seconds to the log-in screen and another three to log into your application. The Chrome browser will be even faster on Chrome OS, because it will effectively act as the portal to everything else.

That’s because there will be no native applications for Chrome OS. Instead, every application is a web application. All of the data is in the cloud, so Google can update these apps, like Google Docs, without touching your computer at all. The same can be said about security updates and so on, just like the current Chrome browser experience.

This seems to offer some major advantages over conventional operating systems, but it does mean that you need to be connected to the Internet to do almost anything. Then again, you probably don’t do much when you’re not connected anyhow.

Check out the video below for an explanation of Chrome OS straight from the Google horse’s mouth.

Source: TC