Ex-Alltel Employees Given Pink Slip by Verizon

Ex-Alltel Employees Given Pink Slip by Verizon


 Ex-Alltel Employees Given Pink Slip by Verizon
Well, there’s some good news and some bad news here for all the Alltel employees in the audience. As you may recall, Verizon Wireless went ahead and purchased Alltel some time back, leaving us to wonder what would become of all the existing Alltel employees and infrastructure. Not surprisingly, there is some definite redundancy across the Verizon and Alltel brands.

From what I can gather, the two brands will continue to operate semi-independently, but a number of redundant jobs are being removed. More specifically, the Alltel office in Little Rock is getting some major slashing. Verizon has cut an unspecified number of corporate positions at that office.

The Alltel people getting the pink slip would be coming from departments like finance, legal, and marketing. This is becuase Verizon already has their own people doing that kind of thing. So, what becomes of these poor laid off (fired?) individuals?

All is not lost. It’s not like Verizon is going to boot these people onto the street without a place to go. Instead, Verizon is offering them entry-level positions in the call center. Right, because handling all the legal things for Alltel pays exactly the same as listening to Verizon customer complaints, right?

More importantly, what will become of poor Chad?

Source: BGR