Pocket Pets Resurrected with New Tamagotchi ID

Pocket Pets Resurrected with New Tamagotchi ID


Pocket Pets Resurrected with New Tamagotchi ID
Oh. Emm. Gee. I remember when these little keychain-sized digital pets were all the rage. People had to whip them out every few minutes so that they could feed or play with their pixelated companions. And now, the Tamagotchi rage could be on the comeback with the new Tamagotchi ID.

As you may recall, the guys at Bandai decided to release a color version of the Tamagotchi last year, but that wasn’t really enough to get people interested again. We’re much more interested in the PSP Go and Nintendo DSi, right?

For the newest iteration in this franchise, Bandai is coming out with the Tamagotchi ID. From what I can see, it gets the 1.44-inch color display of last year’s model, but you also get the ability to “customize” it to some extent. There’s also mention of downloading content from the mobile web, like virtual items and mini-games.

Look for the Tamagotchi ID to launch on November 23. Look for it in Japan in your choice of six different colors for $57 each. I’d say that a Tamagotchi smartphone app could be more successful, but you have to remember that Bandai is targeting seven to nine-year-old girls with this. Then again, this is Japan. They might have smartphones already.

Source: Crunchgear