Nokia E72 Smartphone Finally Hits USA Retail

Nokia E72 Smartphone Finally Hits USA Retail


 Nokia E72 Smartphone Finally Hits USA RetailFirst, it started with all sorts of rumors. Then, we learned that what we thought was the Nokia E72 was really the Nokia E63. After that, we caught a glimpse at the “real” Nokia E72. And then, it got delayed. It’s been quite the adventure, but the journey is finally reaching its destination. Want a Nokia E72 smartphone? Now you can get it.

This has been a very long time coming, but the Nokia E72 is finally available for sale through the official Nokia USA store and Amazon. Both sites are still showing the handset as avaialble for pre-order, but we hear that it’s ready to roll and shipments could go out as early as this afternoon.

Running our way through the spec sheet, you find a form factor that is quite similar to the Nokia E71 that preceded it, complete with a landscape display and full QWERTY keyboard. Among the upgrades are 10.2Mbps HSDPA, integrated compass, S60 3rd Edition, improved email functionality, and a five-megapixel autofocus camera.

The official press release says the phone is in stores now, but it makes no mention of price. Amazon has it listed at $469.

Source: BGR