REVIEW – Mophie Car & Wall International USB Charger

REVIEW – Mophie Car & Wall International USB Charger


You may already be familiar with the Mophie name, thanks partly to the Juice Pack Air giveaway that we hosted last month. Well, they’ve got all sorts of other accessories as well, including chargers and cables.

REVIEW - Mophie Car & Wall International USB Charger

One of the newest products to hit the block is the Mophie Car & Wall International USB Charger. Why invest in a separate wall charger and car charger when you can have both in one convenient package? This particular product is designed to work with the International Adapter Travel Kit so that it can work no matter where in the world you may find yourself.

Two Chargers for the Price of One

I certainly enjoyed the Mophie Dual USB Wall Charger that I looked at last week, but it was only useful for when you found yourself next to a wall outlet. As you may recall, the idea is that it would transform a standard wall outlet into a pair of powered USB ports. These ports could then be used to charge your iPod, iPhone, or any number of other USB devices.

REVIEW - Mophie Car & Wall International USB Charger

The Wall & Car International USB Charger only offers a single USB port, but it comes with dual functionality. If you look around to the back, you’ll notice that it has the power prongs that flip out for connecting to a wall outlet. Along the side, however, it has the 12V adapter for charging in the car.

The overall build quality is good and the swinging arm for the 12V adapter can rotate 270 degrees. This way, it should be able to fit in just about any car dash configuration. On the downside, this charger is much bulkier than what you would find with a standalone wall adapter or a standalone car charger.

Traveling All Around the World

The regular flip-out power prongs on the Wall & Car International USB Charger are fine for when you’re hanging out in New York or Vancouver, but what about when you take that trip to Paris or Hong Kong? Those prongs just won’t do.

REVIEW - Mophie Car & Wall International USB Charger

That’s where the accompanying Mophie International Adapter Travel Kit comes into play. You get a basic carrying bag along with three adapters to work with a number of international locations. It’s not completely comprehensive, but you should be covered for most global destinations.

They look like the regular travel adapters that you can buy from any number of electronics accessory stores, but these adapters have a little something extra. There is a small tab that fits into a slot on the Wall & Car Charger, clicking in place so that it doesn’t accidentally fall out. The Wall & Car Charger then has a release tab so that you can take off the adapter as needed.

REVIEW - Mophie Car & Wall International USB Charger

A Handy Accessory for Power-Hungry Fanatics

Most people will say that they are perfectly happy charging their iPods and iPhones through their computers, but that USB port won’t always be available to you. Sometimes, it’s just more convenient to have a regular wall or car charger and this Mophie package combines the two into one simple solution.

The Mophie Wall & Car International USB Charger ($24.95) is certainly handy and it is designed quite well, but I find that it is a little too bulky for my tastes. It’s almost as big as those power inverters that you can get for your car, converting a 12V outlet into a wall outlet. The International Adapter Travel Kit ($14.95) seems like a nice addition as well, but you can probably find cheaper generic adapters elsewhere.

I applaud Mophie on combining a car charger with a wall adapter, but I think future iterations could be much more compact. Having a second powered USB port would be helpful too.

Overall Rating: 7.0/10