Fido Gets Ready for Nokia 2720 Fold

Fido Gets Ready for Nokia 2720 Fold


 Fido Gets Ready for Nokia 2720 Fold
While big brother Rogers Wireless is gearing up with the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and other ultimate webphones, poor puppy Fido has been left fighting for table scraps. Since Fido is approaching budget-minded consumers, it’s not surprising that one of the newest phones to join the dog house is another budget-minded handset.

It’s not available quite yet, but the Nokia 2720 Fold has made its first official appearance on the Fido website. You won’t find it in the official stable just yet, but it is being promoted on the front page as a phone that is “coming soon.”

The Nokia 2720 Fold is meant to be a stylish and simple flip phone for people who just want a phone. You get some basic features though, including a 1.3 megapixel camera (with video), FM radio with RDS, Bluetooth, and an MP3 player.

Expect the Nokia 2720 Fold to sell for $125 outright. If you prefer to take on a new two-year contract, Fido will hook you up with the 2720 for free.

Source: MobileSyrup