Beamer Finally Brings Flash to iPhone Camera

Beamer Finally Brings Flash to iPhone Camera


 Beamer Finally Brings Flash to iPhone Camera
Remember the Quirky folks who decided to come up with the Split Stick USB flash drive? Well, the kooky designers are back with another interesting innovation in the form of the Beamer. This iPhone case addresses a common concern for many Apple enthusiasts, bringing the light to your dim pictures.

The Quirky Beamer iPhone Case serves as a protective case for your iPhone, sure, but it also has an integrated light that can serve as the flash for your iPhone’s camera. This way, you can still take pictures when you’re indoors or waltzing around town in the evening.

The light can also serve as a flashlight, illuminating your world so you can read your book in peace or whenever else you need some extra light. There is a silicone button on the case for turning the LED light on and off.

And for power? Interestingly, it doesn’t draw from the iPhone at all. Instead, it uses its own replaceable lithium coin cell battery for an estimated life of about 10 hours. That’s not bad, but it means you have another battery to worry about.

The Beamer is currently available for pre-order at $32.

Source: Quirky