The First Portable HDTV and DVD Player

The First Portable HDTV and DVD Player


The First Portable HDTV and DVD PlayerThe season for summer road trips may be over, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t still need some suitable entertainment on the go. Do you want to watch a DVD while driving to grandma’s for Christmas dinner? Maybe you’d prefer to watch some hockey or football? With this new combo product from Hammacher Schlemmer, you can have the best of both worlds.

About the same size as a netbook computer, the portable combination HDTV and DVD player lets you enjoy both live broadcasts and your favorite movies while on the road. The HDTV side of the equation comes from an external antenna, so you’ll only be able to pick up on the free over-the-air 720p HD signals in your area. It’ll pick up standard resolution broadcasts too.

The seven-inch TFT display offers a true HD 16:9 aspect ratio, but the resolution is a mere 480 x 234 with a 400:1 contrast ratio. In this way, the whole “HDTV” thing isn’t really all its cracked up to be.

The DVD player will handle both DVDs and CDs. There’s also a built-in memory card reader (SD/MMC/MS) for viewing photographs and videos on the go. The USB port seems like it can serve a similar function.

The kicker? The Hammacher Schlemmer portable HDTV and DVD player sells for a whopping $300. Save those pennies!

Source: Hammacher Schlemmer