Keep Your Wall Charging Organized with Socket Pocket

Keep Your Wall Charging Organized with Socket Pocket


 Keep Your Wall Charging Organized with Socket PocketWhen it comes to charging your iPod, iPhone, or smartphone, there’s a good chance that you’re currently letting that cable dangle everywhere with the device sitting on the floor or on a nearby shelf. Wouldn’t it be nice if everything could be a little more organized? That’s the idea behind the Socket Pocket.

Instead of letting the cords and cables make for one huge mess, this cover provides a small pocket to the side of the wall outlet. In this small plastic pocket, you can slot your favorite smartphone or other mobile device, threading the charging cable through to the wall outlet without having the cable dangle everywhere.

It’s far from being a high-tech solution, but it seems like a viable solution. There is a slot on the side for phones that have their charging ports on the side, but the better cable management comes out of the bottom where the hinged door keeps everything easily accessible.

The best part is that the Socket Pocket sells for just six bucks. That’s a small price to pay for a little more organization.

Source: Crunchgear