Telus Announces Death of SAF, Rise of Clear Choice Plans

Telus Announces Death of SAF, Rise of Clear Choice Plans


When Telus first decided to introduce the Koodo Mobile brand, one of its biggest selling points was the lack of a system access fee. This was a major boon for the Canadian wireless market and it’s a trend that was followed shortly afterward by Fido and others. Well, it seems that big brother Telus is starting to follow in Koodo’s footsteps too.

Perhaps in anticipation of the arrival of DAVE Wireless and Wind Mobile, Telus Mobility has announced a new suite of monthly plans that it calls Clear Choice. These “Clear Choice” plans are meant to provide clear and simple pricing, meaning that they are getting rid of the system access fee and any carrier 911 fees.

In this way, the price you see is the price you pay (before taxes). The 911 fee is still in effect for provinces where it is mandated by law (PEI, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, and Quebec), but the other provinces are in the clear for that part too.

In addition to missing the SAF and carrier 911 fees, the new Clear Choice plans will also all include Voicemail 3. Just as with the Fido transition, subscribers on a legacy plan can choose to stick with their grandfathered plans, but they’ll have to keep paying the SAF/911. Alternatively, they can choose to take on a new Clear Choice plan, but they lose all the advantages that they may have been afforded through the legacy plans. I’m guessing that holders of legacy plans can still do HSDPA/HSPA if they want to, but I’m not sure.

The new Clear Choice plans from Telus Mobility go into effect on November 5. Since Telus is ditching the SAF, does this mean that Bell and Rogers will be following suit too? I sure hope so!

Source: Telus
 Telus Announces Death of SAF, Rise of Clear Choice Plans