Telus Prepares to Launch New LG Chocolate BL40

Telus Prepares to Launch New LG Chocolate BL40


Telus Prepares to Launch New LG Chocolate BL40
Amidst all this talk of switching over the HSDPA side of things, we can forget about the core business of Telus and Bell. There is certainly some interest in the smartphone end of the equation, but there is interest in regular old fashion phones as well. That’s where the new LG BL40 “New Chocolate” seems to slot in for the crew at Telus.

Mobile Syrup was able to dig up a leaked brochure for the new phone and it looks like the New Chocolate is about as sweet as it has ever been. The LG BL40 was unveiled at the LG Fashion Week event last night and it’s a bit of a departure from previous Chocolate phones offered through Telus.

This is not a flip or a slider. Instead, the LG BL40 “New Chocolate” takes on a large 4-inch touchscreen display. The aspect ratio is decidedly stretched, so you don’t get quite the same kind of look as you would with an HTC Touch Diamond2 or an Apple iPhone.

Looking at the brochure details, I see a 5-megapixel camera, HTML web browser, gesture shortcuts, dual screen user interface, one touch copy-and-paste, microUSB, 3.5mm headphone jack, front facing camera, and a rudimentary video editor.

Source: MobileSyrup