Asus Wins Battle of Sub-$800 Win7 13-Inch Notebooks

Asus Wins Battle of Sub-$800 Win7 13-Inch Notebooks


Yes, I realize that many people would much rather consider the newly upgraded white MacBook or even the 13-inch MacBook Pro at this size, but both of those are priced higher than the four machines battling it out in this Gizmodo-sourced comparison. For me, a 13-inch notebook hits that perfect sweet spot between functionality and portability, but can you find one that’ll suit you for $800 or less?

Joanna Stern decided to compare four of the best competitors in this realm, making sure that they satisfied a few different criteria. First, they had to have a 13.3-inch display. Second, they had to be running on some real build of Windows 7. Third, they had to be priced at $800 or better. Remember that these ultraportables are certainly more powerful than their $400 netbook counterparts too.

For the purposes of the comparison, she considered the Acer Aspire Timeline AS3810T-8737, the HP Pavilion dm3, and the Toshiba Satellite T135, but the ultraportable that came out on top was the Asus UL30A-A1.

In the shot-by-shot comparison, we learn that the Asus was the thinnest and had the best touchpad, but much more importantly, it had the longest battery life (eight-cells for 6:25) and the best overall performance. It was also quite the contender for design, lightness, and speakers.

Check out the full comparison through the source link below.

Source: Gizmodo
 Asus Wins Battle of Sub-$800 Win7 13-Inch Notebooks