Combining Every Credit Card into One Pocketable Device

Combining Every Credit Card into One Pocketable Device


 Combining Every Credit Card into One Pocketable Device
Is your wallet starting to get as thick as George Costanza’s? Are you starting to get issues with your posture, because you have so many cards in that little leather flap? The all-in-one credit card from designer Kim Young Suk could be just the ticket, because it combines all of your cards into a device that is no bigger than a single piece of plastic.

The One Card Electronic Card is meant to replace every credit card in your wallet. An OLED display occupies the entire face of the device and it will display the information that you would normally see on the front of a credit card. When you want to swap your MasterCard for your Visa, you simply turn the dial on the side.

In doing so, the OLED display will switch to your Visa. What about the magnetic strip, you might ask? There is a special strip on the back that mimics this functionality as well and it will switch at the same time as the front display.

As if the credit card swapping functionality were not enough, the OLED display will also be used to record your transactions and show off your purchase receipts as needed. All of the information for the cards and transactions is stored on a removable memory card, so you can save it on your computer too.

Aside from the technological hurdles, the single biggest obstacle before the One Card Electronic Card can graduate from concept status is to get the support of the major banks and credit card issuers. That might take a while.

Source: Yanko