Amazon Kindle for PC to Invade Windows 7 Tablets

Amazon Kindle for PC to Invade Windows 7 Tablets


 Amazon Kindle to Invade Multitouch Windows 7 Tablets
You know how the Barnes & Noble Nook eBook Reader was announced earlier this week? It seems that the crew at Amazon are fighting back, but it’s not without another piece of hardware; it’s with eBook software for your Windows-based computer instead.

Barnes & Noble already had a software solution that allowed people to buy and read e-books on their computers (and smartphones), but it’s only now getting into the hardware game. Amazon is going in the reverse direction, revealing a multitouch Kindle application for Windows 7.

In short, any Windows 7 tablet can be transformed into a multitouch color e-book reader, complete with all the gestures you’d want for pinch-zooming, page-scrolling, and so on. Assuming the hardware supports it, you can also get accelerometer-based rotating too. And yes, the app should work with XP and Vista as well, including non-tablets.

Dubbed Kindle for PC (Beta), the free application for Windows PCs is slated with a release date of “coming soon.” Sadly, there’s no mention of Mac support (yet). To be notified when the app is available, hit up the official Amazon page for Kindle for PC.

Source: Gizmodo